A 40-year-old man identified as Paul (surname withheld) reportedly died during a sex romp at a hotel on Awka Road, Inland town, Onitsha, Anambra State. It was gathered that the man allegedly ingested sex-enhancing drugs before engaging the lady in the hotel before his sudden collapse and death. The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO),…

47 Nigerian men plead not guilty to homosexuality charge

Forty-seven Nigerian men pleaded innocent on Wednesday to a charge of public show of affection with members of the same sex, an offence that carries a 10-year jail term. Homosexuality is outlawed in many socially conservative African societies where some religious groups brand it a corrupting Western import. The Nigerian men, who appeared at a…

Ghanaian Prostitute Confesses Killing 100 Men And Rendering 70 Impotent

A 36-year-old prostitute has confessed to the crime of killing over 100 men and rendering 70 others impotent. The Ghanaian prostitute revealed that she started the illegal business after a Nigerian lady introduced her into the illicit business of prostitution. Katrine Obenewaa who claims to be a prostitute revealed that her love and quest for…

Pastor Ends Up With Stroke After Taking Overdose Of Sex Pills To Impress His Concubine

File photo of couples in bed The video of a self-acclaimed pastor, who traveled all the way from Ogun state to hook up with his concubine in Idimu area of Lagos but ended up with stroke, has hit the internet. According to his confession, he developed stroke after taking an overdose of sexual enhancement pill…

Mother Of 4 Bleeds To Death After Taking Abortion Pill In Ebonyi

The Ebonyi State Police Command has confirmed the death of a 29-year-old mother of four, Mrs Chinasa Odah, from Inikiri Effium, Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, after she took some drugs meant for abortion given to her by her suspected boyfriend, one Mgbada. According to DSP Loveth Odah, who confirmed the death noted…

Met Police officer investigated after ‘having sex’ on Big Brother Naija

A Met Police officer is being investigated after appearing on Nigeria's Big Brother despite being refused permission by bosses. Khafi Kareem, once a 'poster girl' for the promotion of female and black staff, is a contestant on the overseas version of the reality show. Ms Kareem, 29, was pictured alongside Commissioner Cressida Dick as the Met celebrated…

Why do people call their sexual partners ‘Daddy’?

‘Has anyone else noticed how everyone seems to be calling their boyfriends “Daddy” during sex now?,’ a friend asked recently. Yes, we all agreed. It’s all over social media, you can buy t-shirts with the words ‘Daddy’s girl’ or ‘Yes Daddy’ plastered over the front and ‘make her call you Daddy’ seems to have become a synonym for…

Weird Facts About Testicles Every Woman Needs to Know

Have you ever wondered what it really feels like to get kicked in the balls? Some dudes compare it to the pain of giving birth (um, no), while others say it's more like getting punched in the stomach by a professional boxer.
We'll never know for sure, but that doesn't mean we're not curious about other testicle mysteries. 

Man sentenced to prison for defiling a disabled 10 year old girl

The Nkukula Magistrate Court in Lilongwe, Malawi on Monday, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour Dickson Kamwendo, 28, for defiling a 10-year-old disabled girl at Area 49 in the capital.
Kamwendo was arrested on January 31 2019 after being caught defiling the standard two learner in one of the unfinished buildings.

Can Having a Lot of Sex Give You a Loose Vagina?

We're always trying to get to the bottom of sexual health rumors, and one we've been hearing for a while really needs an investigation. This one has it that the size of a woman's vagina is related to how much sex she's had. The more time she spends in the bedroom, the rumor goes, the…

How to Get Your Man to Love Valentine’s Day

Not many men are open to the idea of celebrating Valentines. Actually, were there a way out, a majority of them would have opted for a Valentines-free February. But have you ever considered the fact that the reason why your man may not be a big fan of Valentines is because you haven’t made him to? If you want to be at par with your man during this Valentines, here’s how to go about it.

I got my sister pregnant in threesome

I HAD a wild threesome with two lovely girls — but one was my sister and I got them both pregnant.
It all started because my sister’s best friend and her husband were having trouble starting a family. I’m 31, my sister is 32 and her friend is 29.
The friend had tried for a baby for three years and couldn’t afford IVF. So she asked my sister if I would help out.