Cubana Chief Priest has analyzed the effect the coronavirus lockdown will have on marriages and sidechicks. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the President placed a lockdown on three states in the country: Lagos, Ogun and Abuja. As a result of the mandatory lockdown, a lot of husbands have been forced to stay at home with…

Warri Billionaire, Kenneth Bramor Falls In Love With Fish Seller, Buys Her A New Car

Nigerian businessman, Kenneth Bramor, who is from Warri, Delta State, has set social media on fire buzzing after news of his newfound love emerged online. The Billionaire, who was once married to a popular interior designer, Ehi Ogbehor, is alleged to have fallen in love with the Lady named Princess, who supplies him Iced fish. Kenneth Bramor bough surprised…

I never said I met my wife a virgin – Timi Dakolo

Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo has spoken out about some of the allegations made against him and his wife, Busola Dakolo – In a press conference, he stated that he never mentioned in any interview that his wife was a virgin neither did they wed in COZA – Going further, he urged people to be wary…

Michelle Obama Shared a Powerful Relationship Advice: ‘Marry Your Equal’

On Saturday night (July 6) during the Essence Festival, she was at it again, sharing some of her thoughts on dating and marriage. Obama left the audience with some thoughtful advice about why women should find an equal who wants "you to win as much as you want them to win.” The topic turned to…

Gareth Bale Secretly marries his childhood lover but snubs her dad and grandparents

Gareth Bale 29, has secretly married his childhood lover Emma Rhys-Jones in secret but the pair snubbed his bride's grandparents.  John and Eva McMurray, who helped raise newlywed Emma Rhys-Jones, are reeling after they were missed off the 60-strong guest list for the couple's wedding on the exclusive Spanish island of Tagomago off Ibiza. Her dad,…

True Story: I dumped my boyfriend but I’m devastated he’s seeing someone else

We were together for six years but had a lot of problems. Our home was burgled and then his dad died. I couldn’t handle it all and lost out on getting my dream job.
I love him deeply but it felt the relationship was on hold all this time. We had so much to deal with we didn’t have time for each other.

True Story: I’m scared of losing my friend with benefits after sleeping with another guy

I went out clubbing last weekend with my mates and got completely drunk.
A random guy started chatting me up and it turned out he remembered me from school. I do not remember him at all but I ended up having sex with him.

Can Having a Lot of Sex Give You a Loose Vagina?

We're always trying to get to the bottom of sexual health rumors, and one we've been hearing for a while really needs an investigation. This one has it that the size of a woman's vagina is related to how much sex she's had. The more time she spends in the bedroom, the rumor goes, the…

I got my sister pregnant in threesome

I HAD a wild threesome with two lovely girls — but one was my sister and I got them both pregnant.
It all started because my sister’s best friend and her husband were having trouble starting a family. I’m 31, my sister is 32 and her friend is 29.
The friend had tried for a baby for three years and couldn’t afford IVF. So she asked my sister if I would help out.

Caught my girlfriend in bed with another man and he did something I didn’t expect

My girlfriend is 24 and I’m 23. She was always hitting on other guys and thought it was funny, especially when I’d confront her and threaten to leave.
She’d plead with me to stay with her.
I got off work early one Friday last month and caught her in bed with another guy. I shouted at her and chased him downstairs.

Valentine’s Week list: From Rose Day to Valentine’s Day, the significance of each

The month of love is here. Counting down to D-Day, here are some more special days to keep in mind and celebrate before going all out with your love. Take note!
Rose Day - February 7
The first day of Valentine's week is all about starting it off with some romance and flowers. Flowers help set the mood of the season of love that is to come and there is nothing that spells love, more than some beautiful big red roses.