Cardi B confirms live show in Lagos and Accra

Cardi B has released an official video confirming her trip to Lagos for the maiden edition of the Livespot X Festival billed for December 7, 2019, in Lagos. She is set to perform live on stage in Lagos on December 7, and Accra on December 8, alongside some top African acts including Burna Boy, Tiwa…

Ghanaian Prostitute Confesses Killing 100 Men And Rendering 70 Impotent

A 36-year-old prostitute has confessed to the crime of killing over 100 men and rendering 70 others impotent. The Ghanaian prostitute revealed that she started the illegal business after a Nigerian lady introduced her into the illicit business of prostitution. Katrine Obenewaa who claims to be a prostitute revealed that her love and quest for…

Ghana Football Appoints New President After Corruption Saga

The Ghana Football Association, GFA, on Friday (October 25) elected a new president in the person of Kurt Okraku, a known football administrator in the West African country. The country’s local football grounded to a halt following an investigative documentary that exposed widespread corruption and maladministration of the game. Football was suspended following which world football…

Ghanaian Police Officer Kills Himself With His Own Gun At His Duty Post

Lance Corporal Alhassan Asare, on Monday,  reportedly committed suicide at his duty post with his own weapon. According to GhanaWeb, Alhassan had reported for duty at 5:45 pm at Dukes Petroleum Fuel station. A colleague of his who visited the fuel station at that point in time said he found him seated in a plastic chair with…

FG protests as Ghana deports 723 Nigerians

The federal government has protested inhuman treatment of Nigerians by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) Nigeria's high commissioner to Ghana, Ambassador Michael Abikoye, said 723 Nigerians have been deported from Ghana between 2018 and 2019 The high commissioner said that 723 Nigerians were deported on alleged illegal stay, cybercrime and prostitution between the January 2018 and January 2019. According to him, 81 Nigerians were deported on alleged cybercrime and illegal stay in January, while 115 have so far been deported in February on the allegation of overstay and prostitution.

Forbes ranks Nigeria behind Ghana as Best Country for Business

Nigeria has been rated the 110th best country for business in the world in 2019, out of 161 graded countries. Top on the list are United Kingdom (1), Sweden (2), Hong Kong (3), Netherlands (4), New Zealand (5) and Canada (6). The United States of America is rated 17th. South Africa, according to the list released by Forbes, came first in Africa.

Top Africa’s history makers in 2018

Kofi Annan, the former secretary-general of the United Nations, celebrated his 80th birthday and continued with his peacemaking activities when he led a delegation to Zimbabwe ahead of July's elections. He died unexpectedly in Bern, Switzerland, in August. His remains were brought to his homeland of Ghana where he was given a state burial and a grand funeral in true Ghanaian style.