BBNaija’s Khafi To Go Back To London Police Job

After defying her bosses to feature on the Season Four of Big Brother Naija, Khafi Kareem is willing to go back to her job as a policewoman in London.

Khafi returned to the United Kingdom last week, weeks after the reality show ended.

Regardless of the drama her appearance on the show caused and the fame she’s attained since then, Khafi said she is happy being a policewoman and will return to “keeping London safer.”

“Work has been really great, we’ve been speaking and communicating, they asked me when I’d be coming back to work,” Mirror UK quoted Khafi as saying in an interview.

“I’m not sure when I’m going to go back yet – I want to get back as soon as possible, I’m passionate about keeping London safer.”

The London Met Police was embarrassed when Khafi, a poster girl for the police, and her beau in the Big Brother House Ekpata Gedoni were filmed in a compromising position. Viewers claimed they had sex on camera. But the two and other contestants said they did not.

She, however, confirm they are in a relationship and described Gedoni as a “special someone” in an Instagram post on Saturday.

A Met Police spokesperson said Khafi applied to appear on the show but was permitted. Her prior application to proceed on unpaid leave was for three months, however, approved. This enabled her to appear on BBNaija Season Four.

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