Yobe Institution Shut As Students Protest Fulani Youths Attack

The management of Umar Sulayman College of Education, Gashua, Yobe State, has shut the institution following a violent protest by the students Monday morning over an attack alleged by Fulani armed youths.

The students were protesting an alleged attack of their colleagues living at Zango off-campus, behind the school campus.

“We have inadequate hostel accommodation in our school, we have no option than to look for alternative place to rent a room here at Zango Area at the cost of N20,000 per annum.

“We’re up to 300 students living here; we’re unable to secure accommodation on the campus because of the congestion and over population,” one of the students revealed.

He also narrated how the crisis began. He said: “What happened was in the early hours of today, Monday, about 2.45am, some armed Fulani men jumped over the fence of our hostel, entered into our rooms, not knowing that one of us was awake.

The Fulani man was holding knife, cutlass, bow, and arrow. Yakubu Yahaya, an NCE Business Education student, shouted and the Fulani man pierced his rib, neck, limb with the arrow and he started bleeding.

“They later discovered that the Fulani were two in number. The second one stayed outside, holding a knife, and stabbed another student, Samaila Hassan Meri of NCE two Primary Education Department.”

On hearing the loud shout, the students took their complaint to the Provost House who, according to the students, didn’t show concern over the incident.

“We all gathered and moved to the Provost, Dr. Mohammed Gishiwa, but he showed I-don’t-care attitude and provoked us to start destroying the window glasses in the institution,” one of them said.

The students also alleged extortion in the name of hand-outs by the lecturers.

According to them, “If you didn’t buy their handout, they would give you carry-over and fail you in their courses.

“College of Education, Gashua, has only two student hostels with poor sanitary conditions.

“Imagine 30 students occupying a room in the hostel, and lack of toilets.

“Despite money collected for the students’ registration fees, the students go to the bush to ease themselves.”

Reacting, the Provost, Dr. Gishiwa, dismissed all the allegations against him and the institution.

He said: “All the allegations levelled against me and my college are untrue. They brought the victims to the college clinic and were referred to the General Hospital, Gashua, for proper treatment.

“In respect of the students’ hostels, we have enough accommodation because we have six number of hostels against the two they mentioned.

“I really showed concern when the situation was reported to me. Most of the students who participated in the protest were NCE one students who are yet to be matriculated; they don’t know the rules and regulations of living in the campus.”

The Provost said they had closed down the school to avoid further chaos.

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