Saraki urges Qatar to end visa restriction on Nigerians

President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, has called on the Government of Qatar to end its visa restriction placed on Nigerians.

Saraki, according to a statement by his media office on Sunday, made the request during a meeting with the Prime Minister of Qatar, who is also in charge of the country’s interior ministry, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani, in Doha.

The Senate President, who led a National Assembly delegation to the 140th General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union taking place in Doha, lamented that the visa ban was negatively affecting Nigerians because it had prevented them from visiting the Middle East nation.

Lift Visa Ban on Nigerians Sarahi Urges Qatar

He noted that lifting the ban would help Qatar to showcase its vast investment opportunities, technological advancement and other achievements to the rest of the world.

Saraki called for more collaboration between the two countries and lauded the leadership resilience of the Qatari government.

He said there was the need to set up a legal framework to enable skilled workers and professionals in Nigeria to legally gain employment in Qatar.

Saraki said, “I want to commend your fighting spirit in standing up for your rights. You have demonstrated that you mean well for your people and what you have done is worth emulating.

“Both countries  (Nigeria and Qatar) need to strengthen their ties, especially their parliaments.  We need to collaborate to achieve many things together. The collaboration will be good for the two countries and for our people.

“I want to make an appeal that the visa restrictions placed on Nigerians be lifted. Nigerians are good people and we travel a lot.

“This restriction is not good for both countries and I urge you to reconsider your position on that. The world needs to see the good things you are doing here and lifting your visa ban on Nigerians will encourage more people to come here and enjoy your beautiful country.

“In the area of sports, we need to do more together. Nigeria is a sport-loving country. We have talented people in various parts of the world, including Qatar, doing great things in sports. If we collaborate, we will be able to develop that sector too.”

Responding, Al-Thani, promised to look into the visa restriction and ensure that it is resolved within the shortest time possible.

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