True Story: I dumped my boyfriend but I’m devastated he’s seeing someone else

I’m 27, he’s 28. We were together for six years but had a lot of problems. Our home was burgled and then his dad died. I couldn’t handle it all and lost out on getting my dream job.

I love him deeply but it felt the relationship was on hold all this time. We had so much to deal with we didn’t have time for each other.

I hoped dumping him would be a wake-up call.

I Dumped my Boyfriend, now I Regret it.

He came to me a week afterwards and said he’d do anything to get back with me. I took him back then I began to resent him because he only changed when he was feeling hurt, because I’d dumped him. He hadn’t been sensitive enough to make the effort when I was feeling low before.

So I finished it again. But now I really regret my decision. I’m worried he’ll fall for this new girl.

Relationship Advice for Black Women

DEIDRE SAYS: It is never a good idea to end a relationship when what you want is to improve it.

Contact your ex now, tell him you regret ending things and ask if you two can try again.

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