True Story: I’m scared of losing my friend with benefits after sleeping with another guy

This story is gotten from The Sun

I HAVE fallen for my friend with benefits.

It would be great to have a proper relationship with him — but I’ve had sex with another guy and don’t know whether to confess.

I met my FWB online four months ago. I am 23, he is 24.

He is really fit and amazing to be with. We had both come out of serious relationships, so agreed to keep it casual.

But we see each other every weekend and tend to act just like a couple.

Neither of us had been sleeping with anyone else and last month we said we loved each other.

I realised I had strong feelings for him and wanted a relationship. I even tried to end things with him because I thought he wouldn’t feel the same and I might get hurt. But I couldn’t stay away from him.

In the end I texted him, trying to explain how I felt.

Friends with Benefits

He replied that he wanted us to talk about it in person.

I am not sure why, because he has spent the past four months repeatedly telling me he does not want a girlfriend. He is working abroad for a month so we have not seen each other for two weeks and my head is messed up.

I went out clubbing last weekend with my mates and got completely drunk.

A random guy started chatting me up and it turned out he remembered me from school. I do not remember him at all but I ended up having sex with him.

We agreed afterwards it was just a one-off and didn’t want to see each other again. We didn’t even swap phone numbers. I feel so guilty, like a really bad person. I am seeing my lovely guy next week and I do not know whether to tell him.

Could he forgive me — and how do I deal with this guilt?

DEIDRE SAYS: You and your guy had not made any commitment to each other. It wasn’t wise to have a one-night stand but you were not cheating.

Maybe you feel guilty about letting yourself down but you have no need to apologise to your FWB.

Who knows what he has been up to while he has been away that he is not planning to tell you about?

But I’m afraid that if you do tell him about the other guy it is likely to put paid to any hope of an ongoing relationship.

But you do need to get clear with him where this relationship is heading, if anywhere.

He has said he loves you but maybe his feelings have moved on.

If he wants to stay a FWB though, be brave and break with him – because you are just going to feel more and more hurt and increasingly stuck in a damaging dead end.

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