Leicester’s Coach : Ndidi plays like Steven Gerrard

Leicester City coach Brendan Rodgers said midfielder Wilfred Ndidi reminds him of Steven Gerrard while at Liverpool.

Wilfred Ndidi has been handed a holding midfield position by the Northern Irish tactician, similar to the one the former England captain played for the Reds, and he has continued to flourish.

“I’ve always had one in my teams – that sort of central pivot that orchestrates the game,” Rodgers told  Leicester Mercury.

Wilfred Ndidi
Wilfred Ndidi

“I had Steven [Gerrard] do it for me at Liverpool and Leon Britton did it for me at Swansea, different types.

“I like to have a player in there but the three midfielders all have to be different for me. “But you certainly need one who has the appetite to win the ball.

They all have to press and be aggressive but how [Ndidi] wins the ball is incredible. “He covers the ground, his anticipation of where the ball is going and how he reads it and the number of counter attacks he stopped today…a lot of what Bournemouth have done these last few years because you know the strengths of their team.

Meanwhile Ndidi has been rated the 16th best tackler in Europe.

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