True Story: My husband drinks non-stop and lies about it

Story Credit: The SUN

He comes from a family of drunks. He asked me to marry him when his mum passed away and now we have two little boys and a girl. I’m 28 and he’s 31.

How to end alcohol addiction

He’ll get through a whole stack of cans in the evening. If there are any left over, he’ll drink those as soon as he gets out of bed the next day. He denies this but I always count up what is left.

I’m absolutely drained by his lies and have no self-esteem any more. When I ask him to cut back on drinking, he turns it around and makes out like it’s me in the wrong.

His life is just drinking and working. I’ve no life of my own and I wish I could leave.

DEIDRE SAYS: You’re not going to win this by talking to him. He’s too busy protecting his addiction. Don’t make life easy for him. If all he does at home is drink, who is doing his washing and cooking his meals?

Do you ever cover for him when he’s too drunk to work by phoning in saying he’s ill?

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