“I pick players by penis size” – German woman coach

A female manager in charge of a men’s team brilliantly shut down a journalist who asked whether her players should cover up in the dressing room by saying: “I pick the team on penis size.”

Imke Wubbenhorst became the first female coach in the top five divisions of German football last month.

The former Germany international, 30, was drafted in by relegation-threatened BV Cloppenburg and tasked with keeping them in the fifth tier.

Her historic appointment prompted one reporter to ask whether she ought to wear a siren so that players in the dressing room can hear her coming and put some pants on.

To which Wubbenhorst replied: “Of course not. I am a pro. I pick (my team) on penis size.”

Wubbenhorst has had to battle sexism since joining Cloppenburg.

An assistant coach who was part of the club’s former manager’s team was sacked for “refusing to pick up cones for a woman” during training.

Inke Wubbenhorst managed to put a local journalist in his place when asked about being in the men’s changeroom. Picture: Andreas Schlichter/Getty Images

Wubbenhorst insists she has no problem laying down the law with her players having worked as a sports teacher.

“The topic bounces off me. I want me to be judged on the athletic performance, not on whether I’m a woman or a man,” Wubbenhorst said.

“I will not have any problems with (asserting) authority. I’m a teacher.”

Cloppenburg are bottom of the Lower Saxony league and have 12 games to save their season.

Wubbenhorst, who spent most of her playing career with the club’s women’s team, knows what kind of a challenge she faces.

“We only have 12 games left to stay in the division. It’s going to be a tough job,” she said.

“The team wants, and it has potential. That’s why we’re trying everything.”

Kristian Westerveld, a veteran of the team, has given Wubbenhorst his full support.

“We are willing as a team to achieve something in the second half (of the season). And we can only do that together.”

This story first appeared in The Sun and is republished with permission.

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