7 Ways to Generate Publicity Without Spending a Dime

Positive publicity is a powerful tool when operated correctly. That’s what I call public relations -- positive publicity. The term “PR” is so boring and antiquated. Many people don’t realize how powerful it is because they don’t seem to understand how it works. What I’m about to say flies in the face of what public relations insiders want entrepreneurs and business owners to think:

What Is Panic Disorder—and How Do You Know If You Have It?

Panic disorder is a mental illness known for its sudden, sometimes dread-filled episodes, called panic attacks. A person in the grips of such an attack experiences a rush of overwhelming fear and intense physical discomfort. Some people feel as though they’re going crazy or they’re on the brink of death.

Meet Ki-Jana Hoever – Liverpool’s 16-Year-Old Debutant

It’s been a rapid rise up the ranks for the Liverpool youngster, who is still only 16. Since joining the club in September from Ajax where he failed to sign professional terms, Hoever has been a revelation in the Liverpool youth teams at both u18 and u23 level. Initially in the U18 team to start the season, Hoever was bumped up to the U23 after just one match, as his quality was through the roof for that level.

Not Everyone In Your Life Is Meant To Be

Something that I have learned this past year is that not everyone who accepts you in your life will actually want you. They’ll want a version of you that isn’t really there. A small piece of you that they think defines you or a piece of you that they want you to embrace fully. Even though their perception of you is wrong. People are very stubborn and will only choose to see you from their own perspective. They won’t choose to see how you want to be seen.