Police Plans for Dino Melaye

- The Nigerian Police Force has revealed the next step after Senator Dino Melaye surrendered - Senator Melaye ended the eight-day siege on his home when he surrendered to the police - The police said Melaye will soon be charged to court after investigation is over The Nigeria Police Force has said investigation is ongoing…

Buhari Orders Prosecution Of NFF President, Pinnick Over Multi-Billion Fraud

It was learnt that the Federal Government through the Presidential investigative panel headed by Mr. Okoi Obono-Obla, had placed Pinnick on travel ban. Buhari gave the order for Pinnick’s prosecution when the Obono-Obla presented a preliminary investigation report to him.

Why Can’t Our Telescopes Find Planet X?

The history of astronomy has been a history of receding horizons. The invention of the telescope took us beyond our naked-eye capabilities, to millions (and later billions) of stars within our own Milky Way. The application of photography and multi-wavelength astronomy to telescopes brought us beyond our own galaxy, to the distant “island Universes” populating all the space we can access.