10 top questions you had for Dr. Google in 2018

People were curious about the keto diet, ALS and endometriosis in 2018.

Those are just a few of the health-related topics that had Internet surfers turning to Dr. Google with questions this year, according to a top 10 list from the search engine giant.

The data, based on search terms, was collected from January to mid-December.

Last year, some of the top health-related questions searched on Google included what causes hiccups, how to stop snoring, how long flu lasts and what is lupus. Some of the top health-related questions on Google in 2016 were related to Zika, traumatic brain injuries and cupping.

The top 10 questions on healthy

What other questions did people search on Google this year? The full top 10 list included questions about the flu, heartburn and high blood pressure:

1 What is the keto diet?

2 What is ALS disease?

3 What is endometriosis?

4 How long does weed stay in your urine?

5 How long does the flu last?

6 How long is the flu contagious?

7 When does implantation bleeding occur?

8 Why am I always tired?

9 What does heartburn feel like?

10 What causes high blood pressure?

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