The active ingredient in deodorants that cause breast cancer

Reading labels and knowing what’s in your beauty products it’s so important–especially for the ones you put directly on your skin daily.

Exposure to toxic chemicals on a consistent basis increases the risk. It might seam harmless enough to grab something like a drugstore deodorant, and slather it on each morning–but certain deodorant ingredients have been proven to be problematic. What are they?

The active ingredient in pretty much every antiperspirant is aluminum (aka aluminum zirconium).

Why should you care? Aluminum inhibits our essential detoxification function, which traps both bodily toxins and other product-based toxins in our lymph nodes, near breasts and other sensitive areas.

But that’s not all: Many scientific studies suggest a link between aluminum and breast cancer, endocrine disruption and even Alzheimer’s disease, which raises a concern about where these metals go once applied to the body.

And due to the location of the application, breast cancer in particular is a concern. Aluminum-based antiperspirants are applied extremely close to breast tissue and long-term effects of dermal absorption in relation to breast cancer are little known.

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