Meet The MGBN2018 Contestant; Miss Sokoto

Hello Ladies and Gents… You’re about to hear the story of one the most incredible, strong and beautiful Nigerian girl of our time.

Ogbonnaya Valentina Ugomma is a native of Abia state.

She is just like the epitome of beauty just like her Igbo name “Ugomma” implies.

She is a student of Theatre and Film studies Unn with the dreams of being one of the most creative directors in the works of art, theatre and Film.

She is blessed by God with her charming smile which serves like a balm of Gilead to all who know her.

She is super strong just as the strong warrior queen, Amina of Zaria, she knows what is hers and knows how to overcome challenges and keep her dreams and visions safe in her heart.

She is ambitious and ready to make the Nigerian youth especially the girls to see their value. She is a lady who believes so much in building up good self esteem as she has conquered so many hateful talks about her skinny size, which prompted her Instagram username Skinny_tee, she is one of a kind who believes in her self and as so, proved to all her body shamers that she will be contesting as an MBGN Queen now Representing Sokoto state.

She is one of the people who believe that  beauty is not only measured by facial appearance, she also believes that beauty is how good and comfortable you look under your skin, down to how good your eating habit is, right down to how clean your heart is ,how good you are at filtering out bad energy and converting it to what makes you happy and shine your teeth, because she believes that the most prettiest girls are those who smile a lot and keep people happy.

Valentina is a girl who believes in God and the holy trinity. I

She is a girl who believes in herself and sees her self second to none, it’s not pride, it’s self confidence. Now her confidence has led her to the MBGN beauty contest where she will be showing the world that confidence is worth more than Gold.

How confident are you today to go against all the shackles that have held you down for long and do what your heart wants you to do?

Valentina, #Miss Sokoto did it, you can do it too!



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