Kanye West is many things — a rapper, a music producer, a record label executive, a fashion designer, a Donald Trump supporter, a creative content company founder, a controversy magnet and an occasional and reluctant reality television star on wife Kim Kardashian West’s E! series “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Now he wants to be a moviemaker.

TMZ has obtained legal papers that Kanye filed in August seeking to launch a new company called Half Beast, LLC, which is a film production company.

TMZ explains that Kanye — who earlier in September also added creative director for the Pornhub Awards to his resume — previously filed trademark paperwork in 2015 and 2016 for the name Half Beast in an effort to own the name for “entertainment services, movies, books and more,” though nothing came of it then.

However, it now seems he’s ready to move forward.

On Sept. 15, just hours before TMZ published its story, Kanye seemed to hint at a possible first project. “Film concept: a being purchases a Merriam-Webster’s dictionary from Walgreens to highlight positive words in orange and negative words in yellow crafting language charged by African parables willing universal power manifesting world peace,” he wrote alongside a link to an Instagram photo of a highlighted dictionary page.

Words including aardvark, abacus, abalone, abbey, abdomen ablaze, ablution and abode are highlighted in “positive” orange while words including abandon, abattoir, abdicate, abduct, aberration, abhor, abnormal and abolish are highlighted in “negative” yellow.

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One day earlier, Kanye tweeted, “We’re creating a film called Spiritual Telephone.”

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