Jelly Nails The Trend For this Summer

Nails have long been a way to express yourself through beauty. Thanks to their commitment-free nature meaning you can decorate your fingertips.

From sharp pointed stilettos to softer, rounder (and arguably more wearable) nails, the trend calls to mind a Jelly Belly beans rainbow, turning our feed into a bonafide sweet shop. “The trend is also known as glass nails.

Jelly nails are made by translucent coloured acrylic being sculpted onto your nail. You place a foil under the nail and we apply the acrylic on top to the shape and length you want.” Explaining that you can also mix glitters or encapsulate sequins in the colour, she adds: “It’s really fun, and the light shines through like crazy,” making it all the better for summer.

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